Sunday, September 27, 2009

We're here!

England is WONDERFUL! The flights were interesting and I am so grateful that Amy came along.

I met up with Amy in Atlanta which was wonderful. We rode the trams back and forth and enjoyed people watching, and making up stories about the people we saw. For instance, one young man had just recently been to America to visit his best friend before the man's wedding. Which is why he looked so sad at the idea of leaving and was so depressed he was still sitting in the same place we left him with the same expression on his face two hours later. Poor guy.

Amy and I UNITE!

We were REALLY excited.

Once on the plane, we had our VERY OWN screens on the seatbacks! I was able to watch The Proposal (which was wonderful), and the new episodes of House, and The Office. It was fantastic!

When we landed in Manchester, we were going through customs and we were severely reprimandad by the officer in a bad mood, becuase we did not have a print out of our RETURN trip. That's right. We did not have our tickets printed out for our trip two weeks from now... (sorry, seventeen days from now). He told us, "You must not travel often." and "You're very unprepared". Needless to say, Amy and I got ALL the way to Manchester and we thought we were not going to be let into the country with Kacie and Dave waiting for us a hundred yards away. He left us to sit and WAIT freaking out that we might not be left in the country. He came back, waived us forward,stamped our passports and we were off. So strange. It was WONDERFUL to see Kacie and Dave! They were so welcoming and excited to see us. Dave drove us back to Sheffield (On the WRONG side of the road, I might add). He was a TERRIFIC driver and managed the crazy traffic wonderfully.

We ate breakfast and then we walked all around when we got here and explored Eccy Street. Went to bed after staying awake all day at about eight and woke up at nine thirty this morning. Glorious.

Today we are off to Stratford-upon-Avon, and a visit to Warwick Castle in Oxford. More stories and pictures to come soon!

Love you all and miss you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I am in love.

Completely and utterly in love.

With Tyrone Well's new CD, Remain.

And maybe a little bit with Tyrone Well's himself. I heard of Tyrone through Leslie, and love love love his other work. However, this new CD is perfection. I have probably listened to it sixty-two times through and am not tired of it in the least. Please go to his website. Buy his music. And fall madly in love with it. You will thank me.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hip Hip Hurray! I have just become the proud owner of a new digital camera!

Its a Nikon COOLPIX S220. My friend Leslie has one and absolutely loves it so I knew I was getting a good one. Dad and I did some crazy running around today but it was so worth it and I just could not be more thrilled with this little camera. I spent all evening taking ridiculous pictures.

(Someday I will know how to put pictures in here, until then, just imagine the silly faces.)

It's plum. It's tiny. It's awesome.

I am so ready for England.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday...


I am officially twenty-three and after a wonderfully restive and reflective day, I am off to embrace the next year of my life! I have so much planned for this year. In about twenty-three days I will be heading to England to see my sister! YIPPEE! I will visit Leslie on my way back! (VROOM VROOM) I will FINALLY finish my journal, have a roadtrip with Faryle and so many more unplanned adventures.

So here is to the start of this blog, and to the next year of my life.