Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Monday morning we woke up and hit the train up for a ride to York. I remember York being on of the trips my mom raved about so I was definitely looking forward to this trip. While on the train, we were on a very quiet train car and these two high school aged girls wearing the SAME OUTFIT got onto our car, (notice that this wearing of the same outfit does not even register as a good story becuase of the great story that is to come. But please notice that they were wearing the SAME OUTFIT. Who does that?!) One of these gals decided it would be a good idea to answer her phone while boarding the train and this is the converstation we overheard, (it wasn't hard to overhear becuase they were yelling in a quite car), "I just can't believe you would call litrally(this is what it sounded like in her accent) right when we were boarding the train. Yes! LITRALLY right when we were boarding. I KNOW I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! LITRALLY! Yes, we were boarding and litrally I could not get my mobile out becuase we were litrally boarding the train. And my mobile was litrally at the bottom of my bag and I could litrally not reach it because the train had litrally just arrived." Then. Bless these poor people on our train, these girls put their friend on speaker phone. sigh. "Litrally" was all we heard for another twenty minutes on the train. I thought Kacie was going to pop. It was ridiculous and something I wish I could have texted right away and included more in our judging.

We finally arrived at York, much to the joy of all the passengers on train car B. The matching girls walked on and thankfully we did not see them again. We explored York and enjoyed walking on their city wall, and walking toward the towering York Minster. Which is gorgeous. It costs to enter the minster and since we are cost conscience these days we just enjoyed the free gift shop. We had lunch at the Ha Ha Bar and Grill. Enjoying the sights and sounds of York.

Monday night we enjoyed the company of Kacie's and Dave's friends, Dave and Becky, as well as Richard. We had tea, brownies, whipped cream (which I did myself), and lots and lots of laughter. We have been able to spend some time with Becky before, she is a woman in Kacie's Bible Study, and found her absolutely WONDERFUL. You know when you meet someone and you go to shake their hand and they just wrap you up in a big hug and you feel like you have known them forever? She is just the sweetest thing and has the sweetest kids. We played with Rosie who is three and whom I am in love with. She taught me that they pronounce Zebra as Zeh-br-ah. We were playing memory and I said I found a Zebra and she said in her sweet British accent, "No, it's Zeh-br-ah." I didn't even mind being scolded. That's how cute she is.

Okay I am out. Here are some pictures of our lovely time in York!

Amy and Kacie on the Wall of York (York Minster is the tall castle-like building in the background)

York Minster- The stainglass was incredible

Don't judge. It was very bright

Next is LONDON...Get excited.


  1. I would have litrally gotten up and physically taken the phone out of her obnoxious matchy-matchy hands and litrally thrown it out the window.

    And I will litrally scream with joy when I see you again.

  2. she obviously had just learned a new vocabulary word and was just so beyond herself she couldn't help but over-use it... kind of like when you teach a dog a new trick :) i love reading about your adventures, give Kacie a huge hug and kiss for me :)